References wallpaper reconstruction, preservation and restoration / documentation and advice on historic wallpapers :
Lutz J. Walter - restorer of the union of restorers VDR

Frankfurt Main, Römerstadt, Ernst-May-House.
Reconstruction of a Bauhaus wallpaper from the "Frankfurter Register".
Neubrandenburg, Lessinggymnasium.
Reconstruction of an art nouveau inlaid-linoleum wallpaper of 1914.
2009 - 2010
Riga, Latvia, Old Stock Exchange.
Reconstruction of two wallpapers and one border for the restoration of the building.
Milan, Valentino flagship store.
Development of a wall covering for the mockup room of flagship stores.
2008 - 2009
Leipzig, Bosehaus - Bach Museum.
Safeguarding and preservation of a wall tapestry of the early 19th Century. Restoration processing of the fragments to the museum presentation.
2007 - 2008
Berlin, State Museums Berlin - Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. Museum Island. New Museum - Red Room. Safeguarding and preserving the remaining fragments in situ of the Red wallpaper. Development, manufacture and installation of transparent Japanese paper for the integration of the stock wallpaper wallpaper fragments in a reconstructed room settings
Vienna, Albertina, Staterooms - Oval Cabinet.
Reconstruction and installation of an interior design with hand-printed wallpaper and hand-printed borders of 1822. Manufaktur Spörlin & Rahn
Braunlage, Sanatorium Dr. Barner, reconstruction of the wallpaper and border from 1914 from the music room of the house of the doctor
2006 - 2007
Gera City Theater, a reconstruction of the wallpaper in the audience of 1902 (published in: Theater in Gera. Gera city, Lower Monumental Authority / State Conservation and Archeology Thuringia, Gera 2007)
2005 - 2006
Halberstadt, screw museum, restoration, investigation and documentation of the wallpaper features of 1890, restoration design, approval and archiving irreversibly damaged wall sections; reconstruction of the Salon of 1890 and wallpaper conservation / restoration of the Borders and in situ remaining wall areas (published in: Museum News 2006th Museum Association of Saxony-Anhalt 2006)
Bernburg, Castle, Long House, preservation and securing a wallpaper image during construction
Rammenau, Castle Rammenau; reconstruction of the wallpaper and restoration / preservation of the borders of 1795
Kassel, German Wallpaper Museum, Picture wallpaper "Views of North America"; decrease in the panoramic tapestry of a wooden wall of the exhibition, protection, preservation and archiving of the wallpaper.
Munster, Rüschhaus house, reconstruction of the wallpaper features of 1826 in the garden room with Akanthustapete and upper and lower border.
2002 - 2003
Altmorschen, “Alte Oberförsterei”; advice on the wallpaper features throughout the building, preservation of the wallpaper findings in situ, preservation and restoration of the salvaged for archiving wallpaper.
Bernburg, Schloßstraße, City Hall, reports on the Linkrustatapeten, restoration design

2000 - 2001
Landshut Town Residence, the reconstruction of a classic interior design with the factory Arabeskentapeten Réveillon from Paris in 1790 and an interior design with "Leno-batiste" wallpaper (late 18th century), color tuning in the original substance.
Letzlingen, hunting lodge, a reconstruction of a neo-Gothic wallpaper for the room.
1999 - 2000
Landshut Town Residence, the reconstruction of a classic interior design with figural decorated pilasters, suede Borders and subjects rosettes (late 18th century), color tuning in the original substance.
Mainz, Ertaler Court, Office of the State Office for Preservation of Rhineland-Palatinate; emergency safety measures of the wallpaper fragments of the Festival Hall from about 1830, preservation / restoration and Neuapplikation of the fragments, reconstruction of a Biedermeier wallpaper.
Schwetzingen, Palace Ysenburgsches, restoration, investigation and recording of findings of historical tapestry 2. (H. 18th century to 20th century)
1997 - 1999
Ettlingen, Villa Watthalden; investigation and documentation, restoration and reconstruction of the neo-classical ballroom with wallpaper borders and numerous facilities in 1821, restoration of total care facility. (Published in: Old Buildings - New plans ed. Rößling and Wilfried Konrad Grimm, Karlsruhe, 1999; ISBN 3-930158-05-1)
1997 - 1998
Potsdam, Sanssouci Palace, Hofdamenflügel; reconstruction of three hand-printed wallpaper from 1841 in Neorokokostil.
Calden near Kassel, Schloss Wilhelmsthal; advice on the wallpaper and stock recommendations for an archiving system
1996 - 1999
Weimar, Kirms-Krackow-Haus, investigation and documentation, reconstruction of historic wallpaper and borders from ca. 1825 in the main living quarters of the 1st floor.
1996 - 1997
Oranienbaum, Castle surrounding, Chinese teahouse with chinoise wallpaper facilities, approximately 1840; capture the state of preservation and the damage pattern of the wallpaper, recommendations for preservation/restoration/reconstruction
1995 - 1997
Weilburg Castle, investigation and documentation, restoration and reconstruction of an area with historic wallpaper features of 1815, preservation and archiving of the original wallpaper
1994 - 1996
Potsdam, Flatow Tower in Babelsberg Park, reconstruction of the wall of about 1860 (published in The Wallpaper History Review. 1996/97. Published by the Wallpaper History Society. Manchester 1997, ISSN 0961-0987)
Cazenovia, New York, Lorenzo State Historic Site, a reconstructed satin Fund, an art nouveau wallpaper by Zuber (published in: Wallpaper Reproduction News. Vol 6, No 4, oct. 1995th edited by Robert M. Kelly; ISSN 1065-3317)
Ötlingen / Weil am Rhein, reprint of Borders and a marble wallpaper for kids pics "The Incas"
1991 - 1992
Altenburg castle wallpaper "Decor Jardiniere," Desfosses et Karth, 1857; restoration, investigation, documentation and restoration design condition
1987 - 1989
Jena, Friedrich Schiller's garden house, investigation and documentation, reconstruction of the historical space versions of 1797, with hand-printed borders
1986 - 1988
Weimar, Friedrich Schiller's House, published research and documentation, reconstruction of historic wallpaper and borders by 1802 / 1826 (in Jürgen Beyer. Historical wallpaper in Weimar. Verlag GmbH Bad Homburg, training and knowledge, and Leipzig, 1993 ISBN 3-927879-53 -- 3; sites Weimar Classics - History and Preservation. Publisher training and knowledge Bad Homburg, Leipzig, 1995 ISBN 3-927879-60-6)

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